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5 reference for EP0078

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4 Andrews RG, Torok-Storb B, Bernstein ID.
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PMID: 6190518
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PMID: 6585365
1 Symington FW, Murray WA, Bearman SI, Hakomori S.
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PMID: 3112159
2 Tsuruoka T, Tsuji T, Nojiri H, Holmes EH, Hakomori S.
Selection of a mutant cell line based on differential expression of glycosphingolipid, utilizing anti-lactosylceramide antibody and complement.
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PMID: 7678417
5 Iwabuchi K, Nagaoka I.
Lactosylceramide-enriched glycosphingolipid signaling domain mediates superoxide generation from human neutrophils.
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PMID: 12149231