GD1 alpha(Pentasaccharide)

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1 Hirabayashi Y, Hyogo A, Nakao T, Tsuchiya K, Suzuki Y, Matsumoto M, Kon K, Ando S.
Isolation and characterization of extremely minor gangliosides, GM1b and GD1 alpha, in adult bovine brains as developmentally regulated antigens.
J Biol Chem. 1990 May 15;265(14):8144-51
PMID: 2186036
2 Furuya S, Irie F, Hashikawa T, Nakazawa K, Kozakai A, Hasegawa A, Sudo K, Hirabayashi Y.
Ganglioside GD1 alpha in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Its specific absence in mouse mutants with Purkinje cell abnormality and altered immunoreactivity in response to conjunctive stimuli causing long-term desensitization.
J Biol Chem. 1994 Dec 23;269(51):32418-25
PMID: 7528216
3 Murayama K, Levery SB, Schirrmacher V, Hakomori S.
Qualitative differences in position of sialylation and surface expression of glycolipids between murine lymphomas with low metastatic (Eb) and high metastatic (ESb) potentials and isolation of a novel disialoganglioside (GD1 alpha) from Eb cells.
Cancer Res. 1986 Mar ;46(3):1395-402
PMID: 3484680
4 Furuya S, Hashikawa T, Hirabayashi Y.
Restricted occurrence of an unusual ganglioside GD1 alpha in rat brain and its possible involvement in dendritic growth of cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
J Neurosci Res. 1996 Apr 1;44(1):73-83
PMID: 8926633
5 Taki T, Hirabayashi Y, Ishikawa H, Ando S, Kon K, Tanaka Y, Matsumoto M.
A ganglioside of rat ascites hepatoma AH 7974F cells. Occurrence of a novel disialoganglioside (GD1 alpha) with a unique N-acetylneuraminosyl (alpha 2-6)-N-acetylgalactosamine structure.
J Biol Chem. 1986 Mar 5;261(7):3075-8
PMID: 3949760
6 Taki T, Maeda H, Arai K, Matsumoto M, Kon K, Ando S.
Appearance of a novel type of ganglioside (GD1 alpha) in a differentiation-resistant clone of mouse myeloid leukemia cells, M1-R1.
Cell Struct Funct. 1988 Feb ;13(1):61-72
PMID: 3163528