Blood Group H Disaccharide

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1 Nakajima T, Yazawa S, Miyazaki S, Furukawa K.
Immunochemical characterization of anti-H monoclonal antibodies obtained from a mouse immunized with human saliva.
J Immunol Methods. 1993 Feb 26;159(1-2):261-7
PMID: 8445257
2 Young WW Jr, Portoukalian J, Hakomori S.
Two monoclonal anticarbohydrate antibodies directed to glycosphingolipids with a lacto-N-glycosyl type II chain.
J Biol Chem. 1981 Nov 10;256(21):10967-72
PMID: 7287743
3 Clausen H, Levery SB, Kannagi R, Hakomori S.
Novel blood group H glycolipid antigens exclusively expressed in blood group A and AB erythrocytes (type 3 chain H). I. Isolation and chemical characterization.
J Biol Chem. 1986 Jan 25;261(3):1380-7
PMID: 3944091