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3 reference for EP0370

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1 Fenderson BA, O'Brien DA, Millette CF, Eddy EM.
Stage-specific expression of three cell surface carbohydrate antigens during murine spermatogenesis detected with monoclonal antibodies.
Dev Biol. 1984 May ;103(1):117-28
PMID: 6370756
2 Symington FW, Fenderson BA, Hakomori S.
Fine specificity of a monoclonal anti-testicular cell antibody for glycolipids with terminal N-acetyl-D-glucosamine structure.
Mol Immunol. 1984 Oct ;21(10):877-82
PMID: 6209560
3 Holmes EH, Greene TG.
Isolation and fine-structure characterization of four monoclonal antibodies reactive with glycoconjugates containing terminal GlcNAc residues: application to aspects of lacto-series tumor antigen biosynthesis.
Arch Biochem Biophys. 1991 Jul ;288(1):87-96
PMID: 1716870