Disialyl Lewis a

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Epitope information of EP0040

Epitope IDEP0040
Epitope nameDisialyl Lewis a
AliasesDisialyl Lea,Disialosyl Lea, 2-3,2-6 disialyl Lea
HistoryA new fucoganglioside, disialosyl Lea, has been found in the disialoganglioside fraction of human colonic adenocarcinoma.[1*]
DB GlyTouCan:G93400AK JCGGDB
Molecular weight1274.2

Homo sapiens

Tissue and Cellular distribution

nonmalignant epithelial cell/digestive organs
bronchial tube[4]
prostate gland

Subcellular distribution

Developmental change

The transcription of a gene encoding the alpha 2-6 sialyltransferase was markedly down-regulated in cancer cells compared with nonmalignant epithelial cells,which is in line with the decreased expression of disialyl Lea and increased expression of sialyl Lea in cancers.[2]

Cell line

DLD-1/human colon adenocarcinoma
HT-29/human colon adenocarcinoma
Lovo/human colon adenocarcinoma
SW1116/human colon carcinoma[3*]


Siglec-7 / Immunoglobulin-Like Lectin-7[2][5]


The 2-3,2-6 disialyl Lea determinant on epithelial cells may play a role in protecting normal epithelial cells.[2]


Mucin antigen carrying 2-3 sialylated Lea antigen or 2-3, 2-6 disialylated Lc4 antigen in cancer patients had the lowest carbohydrate/protein ratio. Thus, the carbohydrate/protein ratio in the type 1 chain mucin antigens in sera of normal subjects is higher than that in sera of cancer patients.[6]

ApplicationThe resulting ratio of serum 2-3/2-6 sialylated Lea antigens was frequently high in patients with malignancy and was low in patients with benign disorders of these digestive organs. Therefore,the 2-3/2-6 sialylated Lea antigen ratio is a useful for the differential diagnosis of malignant disorders in these organs.[7]